March 2019   
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Central Falls Incorporation Day
Central Falls, RI government was organized on March 18, 1895, with Charles Moies becoming the first City’s first mayor, and barely a year later the City Charter was accepted by the state. Freed from the constraints of rural oversight, the City of Central Falls accelerated its economic growth, contributing mightily to the industrial preeminence of the United States over the next half century and beyond.
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Youth Ministry
Leaders: Elder Jermaine and Susan Curtis


Our purpose is to fully equip the youth in our care both spiritually and naturally to successfully live for God while preparing them to confidently compel their peers to Christ! This is done through relevant and engaging programs and events geared toward youth ages 5-17. If you want your child to thrive spiritually and naturally all in one place, while having FUN, join us every 3rd Friday.

Other programs we sponsor include:

  • VBS: Our Youth Department annually hosts Vacation Bible School, an exciting summer program that engages young people from the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Events: We host annual Easter festivities along with other interactive events throughout the year!