Bishop Stephen Harper

Bishop Stephen R. Harper is pastor and founder of the New Life Church since 1993. His dynamic preaching and affable demeanor endear him to the New Life community. He is a counselor to individuals and families in the congregation. He also guides the leadership in congregational ministries. 

Through his teaching, the church strives to be a blessing in the Central Falls community and a spiritual "fill-up" station for all who enter. A thriving college ministry attracts students from surrounding colleges and universities. With members from all over the United States and many different countries, Pastor Harper’s ministry fosters a cohesive community that is welcoming of all cultures.

Pastor Harper, a native of Philadelphia, studied at Northeastern University, School of Criminal Justice and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from New Hampshire College. In 1974, he was filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and was baptized in the Name of Jesus, under the college ministry of Apostle Henry A. Moultrie.

He is a man with ‘broad shoulders’ who is a true friend to many.  He is a caring pastor, a devoted husband and the loving father of two daughters.



  December 2017  
Upcoming Events


Sylvian Street Better Block (Neighborhood Meeting)
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
VISION: "From Street to Community | Strangers to Neighbors"

Empower Sylvian Street residents to take pride in and ownership of the well-being of the neighborhood.
This will be accomplished by:
1. Creating opportunities for residents to get to know one another
2. Making Sylvian Street more attractive and fostering civic pride
3. Connecting residents to local organizations, City services as well as the City at large
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