Men's Ministry
President: Elder Jermaine Curtis
Our purpose is to create opportunities for our men to connect with one another, grow spiritually, and serve in the Kingdom of God. Locally, the Men’s Department facilitates monthly bible studies at Charlesgate Nursing Center, as well as a prison visitation ministry coordinated by our Pastor.
We continue to electrify our fourth Friday men’s bible study, covering topics that are of interest to all men. Classes are hands on, interactive and based on biblical principles. Our aim is to continue to strengthen the culture of the men at New Life Church. Join us for our monthly bible study every fourth Friday.

Hashim Roach - Secretary
Deacon Alex Lyte – Treasurer
Deacon Eben Dente - Chaplain
Deacon Emmanuel McCrumada - Senior Advisor 



  December 2017  
Upcoming Events


Sylvian Street Better Block (Neighborhood Meeting)
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
VISION: "From Street to Community | Strangers to Neighbors"

Empower Sylvian Street residents to take pride in and ownership of the well-being of the neighborhood.
This will be accomplished by:
1. Creating opportunities for residents to get to know one another
2. Making Sylvian Street more attractive and fostering civic pride
3. Connecting residents to local organizations, City services as well as the City at large
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